How far we've come
author By Emilie Leeks,

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How can we see
Just how far we've come -
When the path stretches before us
With more bumps
And twists
And dips
And blocks -
That we have to
Pass - over, under, round and through -
That we have to overcome?

They say
'Don't look back
At all that has been'
'Look forward, chin up -
Move on'.
But what if
We can look back
And truly see how far we've come?

The hurdles we've leapt
Or sidled around
Or crawled under;
The unexpected
That we've tolerated,
The grief, the heartache, the hurt, the pain -
The pain, the pain.
We got through it all -
And we will get through it again.
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So, yes, there is further
For each of us to go.
And, yes, it can seem
So slow -
So. Slow.

And yet,
If we peek
They are there -
The signs of all we've done
To move forwards -
To get here.
And we can say: 'Look! -
Look at just how far I've come.'
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