Courses and workshops

Our culture gives very little support and recognition to the vital work of parenting - we want to start to change that here! When we really consider the amazing and demanding job we are doing in raising a family, it is strange to think of everything we don't get that you would expect in a paid job - pay being one of the many things! But this most certainly is real work, and it is too challenging to undertake on our own, in this busy, time-poor society. Here at Journeys in Parenting, we provide many activities which will support you in your parenting journey, and we very much hope to connect with you at one of them - just click on the event title for more details. If you can't see what you are looking for below, please do get in touch and we can create a session tailored to your situation.

Most of our sessions run in or around the Wokingham, Berkshire (UK) area, but travel to your locality is possible if that would be helpful. We run some sessions online. One-to-One Consultations can be in person, or online - so that as many people as possible can access this support. We try to charge as little as we can, and some sessions we are able to offer for free, but we do need to pay our way - however, if you are in a position where you need a concession, and we will gladly consider this (just get in touch to talk it over). Our usual prices are given below, for your information, and are per person, per event - this includes access to online teachings. There may be a discount available for couples wishing to access the same talk or course - please contact me if you are not sure.

Name of event

Date/sTimesCost guide


One-to-One Consultations By arrangement Click here for costs and more info
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**I am not currently offering 1:1 consults - please join the mailing list to find out when I will re-open the list**

Personal consultations for specific or urgent issues are available by arrangement - please click on the 'Book now' button to discuss whether this might be a useful option for you (no obligation). No experience of the Hand in Hand approach necessary
Location: online, via Skype or Zoom
One Day Retreat Saturday 27th June 202010am-5pm£40-60 (sliding scale)
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A beautiful day of connection, sharing and healing, with like-minded parents.

Parenting is one of the hardest jobs we'll ever do - it allows us to see all of our unhealed hurts and unmet needs, as well as bringing us the fiercest love we can experience! By exploring our needs, our hurts and our joys, we can increasingly be there for our children in the ways that best serve them, and us, and our families as a whole. This workshop invites us to experience healing practices, ignite creativity, and lean into opportunities for connection, so that we can re-establish our intuition, open our hearts, and parent from a place of love and joy.

Location: Finchampstead, Berkshire UK

Self-study course: 30-Day Parenting Refresh OngoingFlexible£29
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Online, self-study course for when we are feeling stuck, and not being the peaceful, respectful parent we want to be. Suggested duration 30 days, but can be done in your own time. Video teaching and self-exploration to move you forwards towards where you want to be. Yearly live run-through in dedicated Facebook group (around March time). (Please note, if you order in the run-up to a live run-through, you will NOT receive your course until the live run-through begins - this is to ensure we all work through the materials together.)
Location: online
Self-study course: Peaceful Parenting 101: how to stay calm and connected, even when things get hard
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Online, self-study short course - for parents who struggle to keep calm when things get hard. The invitation is to do this course over 3 or 4 weeks, in bite-sized chunks - but you can take as much time over it as you like! Value-packed, flexible learning to help you be the peaceful parent you want to be.
Location: online
Online Parenting Workshops Sundays, various dates
8pm£26/workshop (£78 for all 4, if bought together - so you get one free!)All workshops will be held online - dates as listed below. Recordings will be sent, so if you can't make the live session, you will still have access to the materials.
Time Creation: Sunday 26th Jan 2020
Handling Aggression: Sunday 22nd Mar 2020
Sibling Rivalry: Sunday 24th May 2020
Managing Our Own Anger: Sunday 5th July 2020
Guided course: Unlocking your Parenting Potential Sept 2020Flexible£199/£349 (2020 earlybird price (£159/£268) now open for our Sept run-through)
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Online course to support more peaceful, calmer and more enjoyable parenting. 3 months of an ongoing group support process, with facilitated access delivered remotely and flexibly. We focus on topics and areas which are designed to have maximum impact on how our parenting is going: Replenishment, Presence, Acceptance, Joy, Boundaries and Growth. Teaching takes place via video and short written exercises, and with extra support within a dedicated Facebook group. Each topic takes 2 weeks, with a week 'on' followed by a week mostly 'off' (as a busy parent, I know how important it is to take time to catch up with 'real life'!).
Location: online

Dates: our next run-through begins in Sept 2020 - on booking, you will receive an email from us, and the course itself will be accessible when the next run-through starts

Rise Mentorship OngoingFlexibleContact us for more detailsOngoing support for Unlocking your Parenting Potential alumni - please get in touch for more details

Pre-requisite: UPP
Location: online
Course: 6-week Starter Class 6th Feb - 26th March 20208-10pm£230 per person
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£230 (£420 for couples) is our usual price, but please contact us if you want to discuss a payment plan or concession - we are more than happy to consider this.

6 sessions in total, run over an 8-week period (2 weeks' contingency) - please note, it is important to check *all* 8 dates are free in your calendar when booking, and these may include school holiday dates. Please get in touch if you wish to attend but have issues with any of the dates, and we will figure something out

This course is for anyone who wants to learn about the HiH approach in more depth, and get support using the tools within their own family

Location: Wokingham, Berkshire

If our next course is full, please join our mailing list to be informed about future courses

Community Support Ongoing Free
Our very valuable and supportive closed Facebook group is for parents and carers who are interested in learning more about Hand in Hand Parenting, who want a safe space to ask questions, or who just need some moral support or to feel less isolated. Open to all - you do not need to be local to Wokingham to join
10 Days to Connection June 2019FlexibleFree
A beautiful free invitation, to join our community in boosting connection with our loved ones - open to any parents wanting to revitalise connection in their family! We are currently planning to run this event yearly. Join us here to receive more information, and all the invitation content when it runs
Location: online
Gratitude Invitation TBCFlexibleFree
We do not have one of our beautiful free Gratitude Invitations currently scheduled - to hear when we set dates for the next round, please join our mailing list here
Family Meet-up Wed mornings - weekly, ongoing10am-12pmFreeA weekly informal meet-up for families local to Wokingham, Berkshire - open to all
Location: Wokingham, Berkshire
Evening Social for Parents Monthly8-11pmFreeLow-key evening social event for parents at our house in Wokingham - all welcome, even if you've never met any of us before! Come and have a drink or a cuppa, feel free to bring a drink/nibbles if you would like to, and let's keep building this wonderful community! For upcoming dates please visit the group, or contact us
Location: Wokingham, Berkshire
Sunday Circles Monthly - usually fourth Sunday of the month8-9.30pm (arrive from 7.30pm for an 8pm start)£12 on the door (£10 in advance) - for bookings, please get in touchMonthly Sunday Circle gatherings, to build connection and find support with other mothers

For upcoming dates, please contact us
Parent Support Group Currently Wednesdays - fortnightly, ongoing8.30-10pm£72 per person, 6 sessions (contact us for booking information)This group runs in 6-session blocks (spread fortnightly over 12 weeks).
Upcoming start dates:
- Jan 8th 2020
- May 6th 2020
- Sep 23rd 2020

- UPP course (if you have worked with me closely on other courses, such as the Starter Class, contact us to see if the support group would be a good fit for you)

Location: Online
Discussion Group Monthly - various days8-9.30/10pm£10 per person
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An approximately monthly session to get support for issues which are challenging you right now.
Location: Wokingham, Berkshire
Discount for those who have previously attended a Starter Class - please ask
(Nb, this session is for people who have worked with me before, and you need to have a working knowledge of the HiH tools and to be actively using the HiH approach within your family to attend - contact us if you're not sure)
Parenting in PeaceSunday evenings, fortnightly8-9.30pm£donations
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Fortnightly discussion group. Open to all, we will be exploring ways to parent more peacefully, joyfully and respectfully. Next session: tbc
Location: Wokingham, Berkshire
(Nb, this is a discussion group - I will be facilitating rather than teaching, and it is not specific to HiH)
Workshop: Handling Aggressive Behaviours In person: Mon 2nd Oct, Mon 30th Oct
Online webinar:
Wed 4th Oct, Wed 1st Nov
8-10pm£30 per person
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A 2-part session focusing on aggression and how to understand and manage it. Either attend the in-person session, or the watch the live Facebook webinar (this will be recorded for those who can't make the time)

If you and a partner both wish to attend (or access online sessions), the first person will be charged at the full price, with the second partner booking at a 50% discount. The cost for couples will therefore be £45. Please fill in the booking form for one named person, and give the other person's details in the comments, letting me know that you wish to book at the reduced rate for the two of you

**Our in-person sessions are currently running a waiting list - if you would like to attend, you can either: let us know that you would like to be put on the waiting list, or: book on the online course, and put a note in comments that you would like a place on the in-person course if it becomes available - and attend the online version if not**

**If you can only make one of the in-person sessions (you can make up on the other via the relevant webinar), please select 'in-person' when booking, and let me know which session you will be attending**

Location: Wokingham, Berkshire (in person), or via Facebook (distance attendees)

Journeys in Parenting events: full list

This is a full list of all the talks, workshops and courses we offer, with very brief details listed for each event – just click on the event title for more information. If an event is currently scheduled, you will find it in the table above. If you are interested in an event which is not scheduled (or you can’t make the date for one of the events in the table), please just get in touch to discuss this, as we are happy to put on events if there is demand for them. Please also get in touch if there is a topic not listed here, and which you would like us to cover, and we will happily consider setting something up if we possibly can.

For parents and carers

One-to-One Consultations – if you have some specific issues you want to address urgently, a one-to-one consultation may be useful to you

Community Support - get amazing support from other like-minded families, in our non-judgemental, wonderfully supportive Facebook group

Family Meet-up - free weekly informal social meet-up for any families who would like to come (or even for parents on their own if children are in school!)

Parents' Evening Social - approximately monthly free social event, for the Journeys in Parenting community to meet and chat

Sunday Circles - monthly women's circle gatherings, usually first Sunday of the month

Unlocking your Parenting Potential - online course to help parents get unstuck from their issues, and find their way forwards in their parenting

Parent Support Group – this is for you if you already have some knowledge or experience of the Hand in Hand tool of Listening Partnerships, and wish to develop your LP skills and work through issues in your parenting, in a supportive group

Discussion Group - monthly (ish!) get-together to get support for areas that are not feeling like they are going well in your parenting - a chance to share your own particular issues, get questions answered, and meet other like-minded parents

Introduction to Hand in Hand Parenting– a short talk to introduce you to the Hand in Hand approach, for those who are not familiar with it, or who wish to see if it feels like the right path for them

Starter Class – 6-week class, covering all the Hand in Hand Listening Tools. An amazing foundation to the approach

Listening Partnerships – an introduction or recap of the key Hand in Hand tool of Listening Partnerships |

Handling Aggression – ideas to help parents understand where aggression might come from, and how to help a child with it

Encouraging Cooperation – effective ways to develop cooperation within your household

Sibling Solutions – why sibling rivalry happens, and what to do about it. This session will also help to support children in developing peer relationships

Sleep Solutions – how to support your child with the sleep issues which affect your family

Playfulness in Parenting – how to use playfulness effectively in your parenting, and increase cooperation and fun in your family

Parenting your Strong-Willed Child – why your child repeatedly ‘defies’ you, and what you can do about it Sleep Solutions (further details to follow) – helping children with sleep issues

Coping with the Holidays – ideas to help you through the busy and challenging holiday period

For education professionals

We also run sessions for educational settings – examples are given below, but please get in touch if there is a specific area you wish to cover:

Connection and Handling Big Emotions - how to build strong relationships with the children you work with, and what to do when children experience big emotions like tears and tantrums

Helping Children to Play Well Together - ideas to support challenging areas for peers, such as sharing, managing aggression, and encouraging quiet children to participate

Working with Aggression - why children are aggressive, and how you can best support them

An Introduction to Speech and Language Development - understand how speech, language, and communication develops - and why this is important to know!

Strategies to Support Language Development (pre-requisite: An Introduction to Speech and Language Development) - specific, practical ideas on how to make your setting a language-rich environment, and how to tailor your input for individual children