Events - 10 Days to Connection

10 Days to Connection

Here is another one of our wonderful FREE invitations for parents and carers!

- Do you sometimes feel that life as a parent is lacking lustre and joy?

- Do you find it hard to notice what's going well, amongst all the demands and pressures placed upon you?

- Would you like to find a way to build more connection, fun and appreciation into your life?

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Join us, for 10 days to growing and nurturing your connections with the important people in your life - children, partners, friends… - whilst also building beautiful connections with the amazingly supportive members of the Journeys in Parenting community - keep reading for joining information… <3

Whether you're new to actively working on connection, or whether you already have some well established connection-building practices in your life, you will be made very welcome - and you will gain lots of insight and support with us here in this FREE 10-day invitation!

In around just 10-15 minutes per day, over the course of the 10 days, you will: feel a greater sense of connection with loved ones; find ways to reframe when things are hard; be inspired to integrate new habits into your family life; find the support of other parents; be kind to yourself - and much, much more!

And if you would like to, you can also join us in our FREE dedicated, closed, 10 Days to Connection Facebook group - look out for an email with joining details a few days before we start, and we look forward to connecting with you in there!

Visit the Events page here on the website for information about the next round of this beautiful invitation.

So how do you get signed up?

All of the content of this invitation will be delivered via email. In joining this invitation, you are subscribing to our Journeys in Parenting newsletter to receive the content - you may of course unsubscribe from this list at any time by clicking the 'unsubscribe' option at the end of any email from us. If you unsubscribe during the invitation you will not receive any further content from us. If you wish to unsubscribe after the invitation comes to an end and no longer hear from us, you are of course so welcome to do that <3

To join us on this 10-day journey to build more beautiful connection into our lives, visit the sign-up form here.

And, if you're not in there already, come and join us in our main Facebook group (be sure to answer the 3 joining questions when you request to join) and see what we're all about! We look forward to welcoming you in there :-)

What you need to know about our 10 Days to Connection invitation…

Time commitment: as much or as little as you like - but around 10 minutes each day is a minimum to benefit

Access to resources: all content can be accessed at any time throughout each day after it has been delivered, and then throughout the duration of the invitation as well - so it's easy to catch up if you miss a day or two

Pre-requisites: none, but we will reference the Hand in Hand Parenting tools, which won't be taught here, so you may wish to read up on those if you're not familiar

What's included: 10 days of supported exploration into our relationship with 'connection'; a free Facebook group to share and be inspired by others - and to build connection of course!; articles, videos, journalling prompts, memes and connection tips to support our journey; and much more!

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What parents have said about past Journeys in Parenting free invitations:

"Thank you!!! I've really enjoyed it. I've found myself reflecting on a lot of things from the past and present, and looking at them in different ways. I feel myself looking more for the positives in things and finding ways to reframe things as something to be grateful for. I'd love you to run this again in a few months to reinforce it!"

"I have been amazed at how this event has transformed my confidence with gratitude with so little effort from me! Before it started I had absolutely no idea how to increase the sense of gratitude in myself or our family. Somehow, through thinking around Emilie's questions, the small number of articles I managed to read, and the thoughts and experiences shared by the rest of the group, I ended up feeling it more, expressing it more, and feeling confident I could introduce it more with my children. Thank you so much!"

"Thank you Emilie for providing a wonderful safe space and for posing questions to challenge my thinking on what gratitude means for me and my family. It has already changed how I express gratitude and I aim to keep up the practice regularly so it becomes the inner voice for us all!"

"Thank you Emilie for this wonderful 10 days of gratitude. It’s been so good to have a focus on it, it’s brought it to the forefront of my mind and actually made me realise how important gratitude is for keeping positive, being focused on now and putting a new light on tricky areas. It’s been so useful to see everyone’s responses to the questions to support each other and to add more depth to our own thoughts or shed new light onto something. Really brilliant thank you xx"

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