Events - 30-Day Parenting Refresh

30-Day Parenting Refresh

More content to follow - for now, I hope this helps!

Ok, it's here - as promised! I really really hear how stuck we get in our parenting - I know, because I've been there, so so many times! We all want to be that peaceful, loving parent, but it can be SO hard to break the conditioning we were raised with (no blame), and start to leave behind the models that aren't serving us. But even though it still gets hard now, I never ever feel stuck, and I want to support you to move forwards too, if this offering resonates with you: "30-Day Parenting Refresh: getting unstuck from the hard stuff, so you can start to be the parent *you* want to be."

This is a great value, virtual, self-study course which I am making super-accessible to make it easy for us to use, because goodness knows I know how overwhelming parenting gets!

The details for this page are not 100% written yet, but I can give you an outline of what's involved in the course. All materials will be sent to you via email, so there won't be lots of searching for what you need - you can just save or print the document and work from it. You'll get a guide for how you might like to structure the course (spread over 30 days), *but* you can access it in your own time, and at your own pace. You will get:

- 4 short video lessons (plus transcript for those who prefer to read) (so one per week) - around 10m each
- 4 x 3 questions (so 3 questions per week) for you to journal on - obviously you can take as long as you want over them, but around 5m/question is probably about what you'll need
- bonus materials to support your learning

This is a self-study course, so unlike many of our other current offerings, this is not supported - and it's no magic wand! As you probably know in parenting, there is just no such thing, and you will get out of this what you put in. But if you are prepared to take a little time, and put in a little thought, this will help you to move in the direction *you* want to go.

(If you're looking for a supported course, where I respond during the time the course is on, and give support and direction where needed, you might like to have a look at our Unlocking your Parenting Potential course)

The price for our 30-Day Refresh is just £29, so jump in if you feel called to So who's in? I hope you love it!


"Emilie gently guides us towards making shifts in our parenting by warmly inviting us to uncover our patterns and - importantly - our blocks. It’s hugely enlightening work. She draws on her own experiences and creates a safe space for reflection." - Viv


"I'm finding it really powerfully opening and shifting. Very much appreciating this course." - Laura


"The journeys in parenting refresh course helped me so much (150% recommend), it helped me see what my parents did well, helped me see what my partner does well, helped me see how trying to be a perfect parent is just not worth it, just the attempt to achieve that damages more than perfect parenting, if such a thing ever existed, could ever benefit a kid. Helped me fall in love with my role as a parent, really, accept a lot of things I can't change and also accept how small the changes I make can be." - Jacinta