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One-to-one consultations

I am able to offer confidential individual consultations for families, if there is something you need to work on urgently or in more depth. You will have the chance to discuss your own specific issues within your family, and make a personalised, practical plan with me as to how to move forwards.

A consultation might be useful for you if:

- You would like more specific and in-depth guidance about applying the tools to your own situation
- You aren't able to attend any of my talks or courses but need support in some areas of your parenting
- You have a particular issue you wish to work on, which is not covered by the events offered (although please do ask, as I might be able to run a group session to help if you would like!)
- Your situation is unique or unusual, and you need extremely individualised support

During your consultation you will:

- Be listened to with care, and without judgement
- Receive insight into your specific situation
- Discover the best ways to use the Hand in Hand Listening Tools to address the root cause of your issues
- Make practical and useable plans to move things forward

Details for personal consultations:

If you are not familiar with the Hand in Hand Parenting approach, you may wish to visit the Hand in Hand website, or even better attend a talk or course (either online, or in person - if you are local to Berkshire, UK), so that you come to the consultation with a little background knowledge of the approach. However, this is not necessary if you are not able to do this.

Locality: I live in Wokingham, Berkshire (UK), and am able to offer in-person initial consultations to those in my locality (please contact me to discuss this) - follow-up appointments will be carried out online (usually by Skype) or by phone. For those living further afield, all consultations are carried out online or by phone.

Cost: £80/hour. Initial consultations are booked for 90 minutes, and charged at £120. Follow up sessions are booked for 60 or 90 minutes (depending on what you require), and charged at £80/hour pro rata. If you book a package of follow-up sessions (5 or 10 sessions), they will be charged at a reduced rate, and must be taken monthly or more frequently. I am very happy to discuss concessions if this would make it possible for you to access this support - just get in touch and we will work something out.

Session typeLength of session(s)CostSaving on hourly rate (£80/hour)Location possibilitiesPre-requisitesOther notes
Initial consultation90m£120- Your home (if local), Zoom, Skype, phoneNone
One-off follow-up90m£120- Your home (if local), Zoom, Skype, phoneCompleted initial consultation
One-off follow-up60m£80- Zoom, Skype, phoneCompleted initial consultation
5-session block5 x 60m£3805%Zoom, Skype, phoneCompleted initial consultation
10-session block10 x 60m£7407.5%Zoom, Skype, phoneCompleted initial consultation

Dates: I am available in the evenings, and sometimes on weekend daytimes (usually Saturday mornings, but other times may be possible) - contact me to discuss which options might work for you.

Please do get in touch for more information, or if you would like to get to know Emilie a little better, you can find her here. Or you can read here how a one-to-one consultation helped a family move forward with an issue that was troubling them.

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"Learning about the parenting by connection approach has changed my family life for the better. Thank you Emilie for guiding us through the tools and supporting us all the way. You have joined in and shared your stories and struggles with us all and not just been the 'expert' which has made the group so much more accessible. I look forward to continuing my parenting journey with connection as the priority. Thank you!"
"Learning tools to aid connection with my children has been invaluable. Staylistening has enabled me to embrace big emotions and I'm no longer anxious about avoiding tantrums etc. Playlistening has reduced frustrations around everyday routines and generally made life more fun."
"I was extremely uncomfortable with how frustrated I was becoming with my child's behaviour and that I would sometimes squeeze his arms so hard in anger that he became visibly frightened. Through Listening Time, I explored these emotions and reactions and realised I was repeating history from my childhood. Knowing my Listening Partners believed in my ability to resolve issues myself once my mind was clear to think, I felt confident to address this and have started to recognise the main triggers. I no longer react physically when these emotions arise and I am grateful for the tools for providing me with alternatives; a toolbelt of ideas to try in different situations and a safe place to explore my thoughts."
"Finally parenting advice that comes with tools that sit right with my ethos of raising children - and they work!"


"What will I get from having a consultation?"
For most people, the talks and courses I offer provide enough information for them to start using the Hand in Hand tools effectively in their own family. However, sometimes parents are at a stage where, for whatever reason, they might need some extra guidance as to how to use the tools. Perhaps you are going through some family upheaval, or you have a child with unique challenges, or you just can't manage to attend any events at the moment but want to get started. A consultation will give you specific insights into how to use the tools with your own family, in your own situation, with plenty of time for your own questions and thoughts.

"What does a consultation involve?"
In the initial 90-minute consultation, I would spend time listening to you fill me in about your particular situation, concerns and hopes. I would guide you with finding out more about the Hand in Hand approach, as needed. I would then support you in establishing a plan of workable solutions to your specific issues. Follow up sessions (30-60 minutes as needed) would be used to spend time giving you a chance to talk about how things are going, and to tweak or change the plan depending on what was working well for you.

"Can my other half be at the session as well?"
Yes, you are more than welcome to have your other half at the session - whatever would be the most useful to your family, and which allows you to speak freely about your issues and concerns, is fine with me.

"I just can't afford a consultation, but I really feel it's what my family needs right now - what can I do?"
I try to keep the Journeys in Parenting offerings at a reasonable price, but I know it can be hard to make this sort of investment all in one go (if at all). I am very happy to work out a payment plan with you so that you can pay in instalments if that helps - just contact me if you'd like to discuss this. If things are really tight for you right now, I am able to offer concessions as well - again, just email me to let me know and I will do everything I can to help. Or I also offer group talks, workshops and courses, so you might like to give one of those a try as an alternative. Finally, there are tons of free resources on the Hand in Hand Parenting website: things like teleseminars (sign up to tune into an up-coming one, or there are pre-recorded ones too - just search for 'teleseminars' on the website, and you'll see a list of topics), video resources (search for 'videos' on the site), and stacks of useful articles and anecdotes. And there are great value, short online courses and podcasts if there's something specific you want to work on as well, as well as the booklet set, and other useful reading materials. You are also extremely welcome to join the Journeys in Parenting Facebook group, where you can ask any questions you have, and will receive plenty of understanding and warm support.

"Is the Hand in Hand Parenting approach right for me?"
Since becoming a parent, I have looked into and taken bits from many wonderful parenting approaches. What I love about Hand in Hand is that it: is very non-judgemental; meets people where they're at right now; assumes that everyone is doing the very best they can; really gets to the root cause of issues; gives practical tools; and supports parents themselves. The Hand in Hand Parenting approach benefits anyone, no matter where they are coming from, to find a more fulfilling, relaxed, and connected way of parenting. Feel free to have a read of some of these articles, or search the Hand in Hand website for a particular topic, and see what you think:

- Hand in Hand Parenting Overview - gives a great feel for what the approach is all about

- How Listening Transforms Family Life: An Introduction to Hand in Hand Parenting - a very useful overview of the Hand in Hand Parenting approach, including an brief outline of the approach's Listening Tools

- Hand in Hand Parenting, Working to Transform Parenting - briefly describes Hand in Hand's vision of their support for parents

- Want to Meet One of My Heroines? - and a wonderful testimonial to Patty Wipfler, founder of Hand in Hand Parenting, from Dr Laura Markham of Aha! Parenting

"What happens after a consultation?"
After our initial session, if you felt that further support would be helpful, you can purchase a number of 'hours' of my time, for a reduced rate. In addition, there are many avenues open to you if you wish to develop your Hand in Hand skills further in a more general way. I offer short courses, and one-off talks and workshops, or you might wish to browse the Hand in Hand Parenting website, where you can search for information on specific issues, and find heaps of free resources (articles, other parents' stories, teleseminars, video series…), as well as further short courses and booklets for a small fee. You are also more than welcome to join our extremely supportive and friendly Facebook group at any time (you don't need to have done any classes to join us), or to follow the Journeys in Parenting Facebook page.